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  • Holodeck 3 (HD3) Trivia section is created in ST Database II. Features 20 easy and difficult Star Trek trivia questions. Some questions were submitted by visitors.
    • You'll need a frame-capable browser to view HD3 Trivia page.
  • Final version of Holonote is released. A free light version is also available. Programs can be downloaded on Holonote's web page.
  • Trek News page is created. It contains ST related news/articles/reviews.
  • More than 50 sound clips are added in DB Sound page.
  • ST Personnel page is updated.
  • Internal site update. Now supports some IE4 features.
  • Desktop page is created. It contains Star Trek related icons, cursors, wallpapers, and themes that can be downloaded.
  • ST Document page is moved from ST Database to ST Database II section. Previous Win95 desktop theme files are moved from ST Misc page to ST Desktop page.
  • Finally, an update of this site after 2 months. In these 2 months, I was busy doing my school work. Now, I have graduated from the University at Stony Brook. Before I get a job, I will use some of my time to update this site. There will definitely be another update in this month of June. Later!
  • Ship Schematic page is update, including a awesome animated GIF of E-D.
  • Holonote program has been updated from beta3 to beta4 on Mar. 24, 1997 (go).
  • Holodeck 3 Site Map is added. Click here to see the site map.
  • More than 50 new pictures are added to the database in ST Database Picture section.
  • Holonote program is updated from beta2 to beta3 (go).
  • (only) TNG personnel info has been updated (including info on STFC) in ST Database II section.
  • Holonote program is added to ST Database Misc section.
  • 3 video clips are added to ST Database Video section.
  • Happy Chinese New Year!! First day of the year of Ox. (not always on Feb. 7)

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