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ST Database I
picture - pictures of Space & Ships, TOS, TNG, DS9, and VOY personnel
sound - computer voice, computer sound, sound effect, music, and voice clips
video - short video clips in AVI & MOV formats
desktop - icons, cursors, wallpapers, and Win95 desktop themes
link - links to some interesting ST sites
misc - Holodeck 3 screen saver, Win95 startup logos, fonts, and other ST related programs
ST Database II
ST Personnel - TNG & DS9 personnel information
Ship Schematic - blue prints of USS Enterprise-D
Document - some interesting Star Trek related articles
Trek News
Star Trek related news and product reviews
Comm. Forum
Online discussion forum (message board)

Fun Page
VRML - try out some VRML's if you have the tool
Chat Simulation - chat online with a Java-enable browser
Net Links - some interesting non-ST links that I often visit
some other pages on Holodeck 3 (HD3) web site
Update Page Guest Log Page Red Alert Page
HD3 site FAQ Site Creation Contact Info
Award Page Credits Page About Author

HOLODECK 3 is created and maintained by Rob Chen since November 1995.